Events and Member Log In

We have changed our Registration and Membership System for 2020.

You will need to get yourself sorted on the new system.

To do this:
1. Head to
2. If you have previously entered an event with us and/or are a current member, click "reset password" and enter your email address. Check your inbox for a password reset email (INCLUDING YOUR SPAM FOLDER). This could take up to 30 minutes to come through. If you don't receive an email, register as a new user. If you have not previously entered an event with us, register as a new user.
3. Add in your personal details, vehicle details, emergency contact and AASA/CAMS licence details. These will be saved in the system for all future events.

We will no longer be selling day licences at events, so you will need to purchase an AASA day or annual licence online prior to the event (CAMS L2S also accepted). This can be done via the AASA portal.
Day Licence:
Annual Licence:

As an added bonus we are giving VicDrift members a 30 minute head start over non-members for event sign up!! 😁