Learn to Drift

Have a car and want to learn to Drift?

We have our Drift Skills // Learn to Drift with some of the best drivers in our community teaching you!

- Beginners day at the Thunderdome
- Rotate through drifting basics such as controlled big and small donuts, figure 8 and handbrake manoeuvres all leading up to performing the perfect drift!
- Class runs from 9am - 5pm
- Drivers must arrive by 8am to begin registration, scrutineering and drivers briefing
- Opportunity to progress to the layout the practice day drivers are driving on, once you are comfortable!

Some more info:

A good chance to perfect your skills such as when and how to clutch kick and how to use your handbrake. The only requirement is that your car is RWD, it can be a dead stock auto if you want. It's about learning how to drive with what you have and figuring out what that next mod should be.

The instructors will be going in the car with you to advise what needs to be done and a cage is not required given the low speed of the classes.

We suggest you bring another set of tyres if you are planning to drive up. If you are towing up then the one pair may last you all day, but it is advisable to bring an extra pair mounted on wheels if possible.

Any cancellations must be made by 6pm on the Wednesday prior to the event to receive a refund minus the $50 admin fee. Any cancellations after this time will not be refunded. No excuses!!

Entries are non-transferable. Driver entries will also close at 6pm on the Wednesday prior to the event.

All drivers must hold an AASA club licence or CAMS L2S (minimum requirement). These need to be purchased online prior to the day.

All vehicles must comply with our scrutineering regulations and must have a cage that complies with VDC regs. They can be found here: